ROOM Collective

ROOM Collective is an international multidisciplinary performance group focused on the intimate meeting between audience and performers. They investigate the extent to which performance can be created by and with the audience. Collaborating, sensing and listening are at the heart of their work and no two performances are ever the same, as the content is improvised every time. ROOM Collective creates abstract, intangible and metaphysical spaces with imaginations, sounds and voices. 

ROOM was conceived in 2012 by Alan Fielden and Sophie Grodin and developed in collaboration with Jemima Yong, Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden and Malachy Orozco. The core company are based in London have played over 1000 ROOMs all over the UK together.

In 2014, Jemima started a ROOM group in Singapore and developed the practice with Kei Franklin, Jevon Chandra and Mariel Chee. Since then, the Singapore team has explored the use of the ROOM practice as a basis to create a series of performances and workshops centred on collective world-building, ecotopian visioning, and spontaneous consensus decision making with students, teachers, artists, and activists.