Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden

... is an artist and healer. Her offerings include the tantric art of kundalini yoga and meditation, sound alchemy, storytelling, movement, performance and plants. These are keys for widening perspective, deepening in self-knowledge, honing intuition, re-sensitising, harmonising and inspiring toward greater potential. They guide us to take responsibility for what we nurture into life through the focus of intention and attention, and keep us nimble through presence and play. 

Annabelle is moved by our ability to affect our own healing and evolution through curiosity, creativity and love.

Her work seeks to facilitate a greater sense of ease in self and of sovereignty in relationships, to honour our unique bodies and histories and to know our unified divinity. She believes that the liberation of a person's spirit - and nervous system - is a form of node-based healing for the wider community too.

Annabelle's experience in London and abroad includes teaching and holding ceremonies, direction and curation of an artist-led gallery, art direction with an orchestra, and sharing work in music, film, live art and collaborative devised theatre. Amongst other studies and apprenticeship, her work is informed by a BA in Performing Arts from RCSSD and studies in the neurophysiology of complex trauma.