Upcoming ROOM Performances:

  • Remote ROOM, Passage Festival, 1 August 2020 
    ROOM is a time-specific and immersive performance for one audience member at a time, co-created by 3 performers and you. Using voices, soundscapes and music, a story is improvised with you, in response to your imagination. In Remote ROOM the performers are located in London and Singapore and you are here in Helsingør. There are no limits to where the story will go. 

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, ROOM Narrators in London and Singapore have been collaborating on developing Remote ROOM, a live imaginative experience that takes place online and through headphones. 

If you'd like to collaborate or invite ROOM to your village, town, city, country or online programme get in touch with us here.

Past Performances:

  • ROOM for all the family at The Place Bedford's Game Play Festival, 11 January 2020 
    Four Group ROOMs (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00) designed for an inter-generational group of 10 blindfolded audience members. Tickets available here.
  • BEDFRINGE, The Place Bedford, 22 - 26 July 2019
  • During this residency, we took ROOM into R&D and started working with Blind/Visually Impaired audiences through Sight Concern and a group of young Dungeons and Dragons players. This project was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

  • Yale-NUS College, Singapore, March 2019, as part of Matthew Schneider-Mayerson’s Ecotopian Visions class
  • University of Worcester, October 2016
  • WROUGHT Festival 2016, 15 - 17 April 2016, The Hide, Sheffield
  • DIG closing party - FAREWELL OLD ROAD, 1 August 2015, 8PM // ROOMxROOM was premiered at DIG's final closing party in Lewisham. We collaborated with Peter Cattermoul (Teleman) and Michael Lovett (NZCA Lines) on sound and music, April Wernham on live illustration, Ed Rapley on the mic as commentator, Max Morris Doherty (PUWABA) providing oily liquid light projections.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art London, 15 August 2015, 6-9PM // GROUP ROOM experience for 12 participants, in collaboration with the artist Adam James as part of the Parade for Peckham research project. This event involved a series of physical and verbal exercises that led up to a blindfolded group performance.
  • Latitude Festival, Wellcome Trust Hub, Membus, 17-19 July 2015 // ROOM performed on the Memrise bus at Latitude Festival 2015, supported by the Wellcome Trust
  • MOCA London, 11 July 2015, 10-4pm // ROOM collaborated on the first part of a Parade for Peckham research project by the artist Adam James, in association with MOCA London. There were 10 performances of ROOM for solo participants, followed by a psychogeographical performance walk by artist Mark Wayman, a workshop by Adam James, and a group ROOM at the end of the day.
  • Goodman Arts Centre Open House, 24 January 2015, Singapore
  • Moon Club 21 April 2014, Hove
  • Bruno Glint Gallery, December 2012, London