Review in 60 Seconds of Good 

I need you to imagine this. For Room is a performance, anexperience, that takes place primarily in the mind of the participant.

Allow me to set the place.

You are blindfolded, and led through a door, and guided to a seat.Here you will stay, at least in body.

You are the participant, the performer, the experiant. 

In the room are the artists, the co creators of the journey youare about to travel.

They speak, describing the place you are in, it's a car, on adesert road. You allow yourself to immerse. There are noises, the wind perhaps,sounds of the vision.

The setting seen, you are given choices. Where do you wish togo? 

I walked into the desert. The sounds of sand beneath my feet. Thesun beating down, but not too uncomfortably, the day is young.

A snake, it's rattle a warning, or sign, or invitation, a guidewithin the guided dreamtime.

My experience was my own, yours will be yours. For twenty minutes,that felt like five, I permitted myself the faith to let go. Take a sprig ofShamanic rite, add a handful of guided meditiation, breathe in the smoke, allowthe mind to float free, a shake of a dream, now lucid, a memory, a glimpse ofan idol.

And when your time is done, remind yourself it's only art.

All of it. Everything.


Room is happening at Ziferblat in Shoreditch and Edinburgh Fringefestival this summer. 

I'm still looking for the woman in the snakeskin dress.

Bird Lovegod, 22 May 2014