ROOM is a story-telling experience for one (or more) blindfolded person(s). It’s entirely improvised each time in response to the audience's imagination. Amongst many other things, it has been described as virtual reality without a headset, an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and purposeful daydreaming.

Partly as a response to text-based computer games that give the illusion of autonomy, the experience affords an imaginary space where there are absolutely no limits. Co-created by the audience and the narrators, it’s a live manifestation of collaboration and co-authorship.



...wasn’t that a wonderful demonstration of the collaborative act of theatre? Of the joint effort between creator and audience, who need only each other and an empty space to create and share a thing between them... -  Exeunt 

... I experienced something breathtaking and very original. Emerging from ROOM was a bit like coming out of some strange, verbal virus-induced amniotic fluid... 

 - Vice Motherboard

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